Paul Kidwell
Biotech/Pharma PR Professional



before i begin working with a company i ask two questions:

How important is PR within an organization—either historically or how they envision it?

As PR becomes implemented; what will success look like?


It's important for me to gain a clear understanding of PR's legacy, its future, and the success of the program. Successful companies treated PR as a critical business function with involvement at the highest managerial level. Companies that use PR successfully view it as a strategic business function driven by a series of ongoing tactical approaches,that help a company reach its business goals.


PR as Part of the News Equation

PR deployed successfully brings information to a journalist and presents it in a fashion that aligns itself with the reporter's area of interest, the publication's profile, and readers' interests. PR's value to reporters is heightened in today's media environment where editorial staffs are shrinking, overworked and unable to keep up with the enormous flow of information that qualifies as news.

Pipeline PR

In the drug development industry, PR allows a company to tell their story – whether it be science-based or business-focused - at all phases of development; from pre-clinical to registration and approval. It's a different story at each stop; with distinct messages and positioning to help create and underscore a company’s profile and business at a particular point in their trajectory.

Client + Case Studies available upon request